Clarksville (Red River County) 10K

DSCF4063 DSCF4065 DSCF4066 DSCF4067 DSCF4068 DSCF4070 DSCF4071 DSCF4073 DSCF4074 DSCF4075 DSCF4076 DSCF4078 DSCF4079 DSCF4080 DSCF4081 DSCF4082 DSCF4083 DSCF4084 DSCF4085 DSCF4086 DSCF4087 DSCF4088 DSCF4089 DSCF4091 DSCF4093 DSCF4095 DSCF4096 DSCF4097 DSCF4098 DSCF4099 DSCF4100 DSCF4101 DSCF4102I drove 4 hours to Clarksville near the Oklahoma Border to get a new county.  This county, Red River, is #155 (leaving 99 to go).  It was a good walk the first 5K around town.  The second half was out of town and just to make up the distance needed.  It was 50 degrees when we started at 10:45.  It was 63 degrees when we finished at 1:30.  The walk included three cemeteries, the county courthouse and some neat old homes.


About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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One Response to Clarksville (Red River County) 10K

  1. Gypsy Bev says:

    Those Creative Carvings caught my eye. I like to see that kind of art.

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