03/01/2013 – Refugio, Tx ( Refugio County)

After the walk in Alice we spent the night in Kingsville.  Friday morning we headed out to Refugio to do the Volksmarch.  We detoured through Rockport so we didn’t start walking in Refugio until after 9am.  It was 63 today, but there was no north wind.  We walked without jackets and was completely comfortable.

This is the 258th county in Texas that I have completed a 10K Volksmarch in.

DSCF4342 DSCF4343 DSCF4346 DSCF4347 DSCF4348

This is a new Volksmarch and we were the first to register.  Before we finished Patricia showed up to walk also and so we walked together.  The walk started at the Museum and starts off by touring the grounds.  I tried to capture a butterfly enjoying the blooms on the Mountain Laurel.


This hospital was built in the 1930’s as a WPA project.

DSCF4354 DSCF4355 DSCF4357

There was a short walk in a park on this nature trail.

DSCF4358 DSCF4360

The last mission to be established in Texas was Nuestra Señora del Refugio on Feb. 4, 1793 for the Karankawa Indians.  The original site was in Calhoun county but it was moved twice because of hostile indian attacks.  It’s last location is now the site of church of Our Lady of Refuge shown above.  Nothing remains of the original mission buildings.

DSCF4361 DSCF4362

The Refugio County courthouse.  Too many trees to see the art deco decorations so I made a separate shot.

DSCF4363 DSCF4364 DSCF4365 DSCF4366 DSCF4370

The rest of the walk was on residential streets where we passed some impressive old homes.


About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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