Post, TX – County #162 stamp collected

We did a 10K in Post yesterday.  We got a much earlier start and it was only 78 degrees when we started.  The walk started at the McDonald’s which sits at the junction of Hwy 380 and Hwy 84.  We first walked thru town and out along  Hwy 380 to the cemetery which has a lovely entrance gate. 

DSCF5919 DSCF5920 DSCF5921 DSCF5922

Cemetery with caprock in the background.

Cemetery with caprock in the background.

We returned to town and went to the old RR depot which is not the Visitor’s Center.

DSCF5924 DSCF5925 DSCF5926We walked out of town along Hwy 84 to the City Park which has a nice lake.

DSCF5927 DSCF5928 DSCF5930 DSCF5931 DSCF5932We walked back toward town passing this nice sign and the TX highway department marker.

DSCF5933 DSCF5934We left highway 84 and walked through residential and school areas to get in the distance needed.

DSCF5935 DSCF5936 DSCF5937We returned to Main street with the Garza County Courthouse which has a statue of CW Post in front.


Built 1923 Prairie Home Style

Built 1923 Prairie Home Style

Really wide Main Street

Really wide Main Street

DSCF5942 DSCF5943











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I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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13 Responses to Post, TX – County #162 stamp collected

  1. George says:

    I’ve been “through” there numerous times while driving to/from Albuquerque/Abilene. Who knew Post looked that nice!? 🙂

  2. walktx says:

    Isn’t it great what reading blogs can do for us! Hope you stop and visit, but watch out for gas prices. We didn’t fill up in Abilene on our way to Lubbock and was running low as we got to Post. Could not believe their prices were 30 cents a gallon higher!

  3. George says:

    I always filled up in Abilene/Albuquerque, then stopped again in Texico (on the Texas side of Clovis). Gas prices there were the lowest of any of the other in-between towns.

    And Post was always my Diet Coke stop! 😉 However, now that I’ve got Abilene permanently in my rear view mirror, doubt I will ever see Post again.

  4. Marie Rogers says:

    What a lovely little town! And walking is a great way to really see a place.

  5. Forest So Green says:

    I enjoyed your photos and I really love the movie theatre. I am glad when some of these small movie houses are saved 🙂 Annie

  6. raisingdaisy says:

    I love discovering new places, especially off-the-beaten-path small-town America. I’m enjoying seeing your discoveries as well! 🙂

  7. Sam says:


  8. mrsbearfoot says:

    Lots of great things you saw but have to say, I love the cowboy murals!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  9. Fascinating stuff. Love the murals and the hooves painted on the sidewalk.

  10. Post has an interesting history as a utopian community:,_Texas

  11. John M says:

    Interesting photos! The sculpture of the arrow is similar to the “Iron Feathers” sculpture that stands at the entrance to Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City, though I’ve no idea if there is any relationship.

  12. walktx says:

    Sculptor Charles A. Smith did ten arrows; one of which is shown. I did a Google search. He did not do the ones on display in Oklahoma City.

  13. Gypsy Bev says:

    Spent the night in Post several years ago when we had a camper breakdown there. So I walked the town and saw many of the places you have pictured. Thanks for the memories!

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