Portland (San Patricio County) Seasonal Event – 06/22/2016

We headed on down to the coast to walk in Portland.  It  is a coastal town just across the bay from Corpus Christi.  It was founded in 1891 with dreams of being a shipping port.  The hurricanes of 1916 and 1919 ruined that dream.  It is not the county seat.  Our walk was along the mash/wetlands at Indian Point Park and  Sunset Lake Park. 


We parked at Indian Point Park.  There  we did a fishing pier where you can see the bridge that leads to Corpus.


We started early to beat the heat so we got to see the sun coming up.


There were lots of birds to take pictures of.


Looking back at where we started.

DSCF8533 DSCF8534

We followed a park road to the beginning of the hike/bike trail at Sunset Lake Park.

DSCF8535 DSCF8536

Clouds and water was about all we saw.

DSCF8537 DSCF8542 DSCF8543

The trail was wide and flat and bordered by tall plants in some sections so there was nothing to see.  We came to another historical marker.

DSCF8539 DSCF8540

Birds again.

DSCF8538 DSCF8541

A plaque tells us what the pretty pink birds were.


The trail leads into a subdivision and the walk did a loop through it before returning back the way we came.

DSCF8545 DSCF8546 DSCF8547

On the way back we noticed crabs in the shallow water next to the walkway.  Not a very good picture, but it was in murky water.


We continued back to our car.

DSCF8549 DSCF8550 DSCF8551 DSCF8552 DSCF8553 DSCF8554 DSCF8555 DSCF8556 DSCF8557a DSCF8557

And so I collected another new county.


About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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4 Responses to Portland (San Patricio County) Seasonal Event – 06/22/2016

  1. Marie Rogers says:

    Beautiful pictures, as always. I almost felt like I was there.

  2. Gypsy Bev says:

    Glad you got another county in. This walk was for the birds.

  3. I’d go for the bird life itself! –Curt

  4. Maple says:

    I love your photos!

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