Wharton, TX (Wharton County) – 5/14/2017

Wharton, county seat of Wharton County, was organized in 1846 on land donated by one of Stephen F. Austin’s “Old Three Hundred” colonists who settled in this area in 1822.

The walk registration was at a Hilton Hotel then we drove over to a park to start the walk.  We passed by this caboose on the drive to the park.

Steel caboose with cupola

Walk started in this park.

The official walk route didn’t go down to the river, but we detoured to take a look.

There was a paved ramp down.

Carol and the river.

Colorado River

Oh, oh now we have to climb the steps to get back on the official walk route.

Masonic Lodge

A friendly home-built brontosaurus, but the park is closed for renovations.

The 1930 Double Camelback Parker-Through Truss bridge over the Colorado River is under renovation.

Note the yellow blooms in the palmettos.  First time I’ve seem them bloom.

Old cement house in need of some renovation.

1914 Southern Pacific Depot

Railroad switchman’s phone booth.

Another view of the depot.

1930 – Faetche-Hart Motor Company building.

Nice wrap around porch.

This mural and all of them in Wharton were done by artist Dayton Wodrich.

Machine shop worker.

Another machine shop worker.

This building is crumbling, they will lose this mural if they don’t shore it up.

Ed making a speech.

Ed and I in front of the eternal flame Veteran’s Memorial.

The Plaza Theatre opened March 1942.

A dated building.

The magnificent 1889 Wharton County Courthouse

Gazebo on the courthouse lawn.

Old 1938 Wharton County Jail – they have a new one.

1919 – W. Roberts Building

Texas Centennial County Marker

Three-legged Willie memorial (there is a statue of him in Georgetown).

Pretty windows.

Carol and Ed checking out the marker for the 1913 Burger Square

Old bank building.

Churches of Wharton County Mural.

Memorial for Hamilton B. Dickson – a Sheriff ambushed and killed in the line of duty.

Confederate Memorial (in need of cleaning).

This mural has been restored.

A little island of green in a parking lot.

Doctors of Wharton mural.

Memorial for a Wharton firefighter killed in the line of duty when he became trapped while fighting a fire at an egg farm near Boling.

Lovely flowers

Nice trail

St. Paul Lutheran Church circa 1964

City Cemetery

Garrett House is on the National Register of Historic Places.

House built in 1896 for Rosa F. McCamly.

Black History Mural

1936 Post Office built by the WPA


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I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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One Response to Wharton, TX (Wharton County) – 5/14/2017

  1. Marie Rogers says:

    Great pictures. This looks like a good place to visit.

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