Groveton, TX (Trinity County) – 5/27/2017

Groveton is the county seat of Trinity County. The walk had to weave back and forth to get in the distance needed.

Just a nice house we passed.

We did a loop through the cemetery.

Carol is headed over to read the historical marker.

Just strolling along the pave roads in the cemetery.

The cemetery is infested with Crawdads. There are mounds everywhere.

Cheeky squirrel just laid there all relaxed.

This guy was spotted by Carol along 6th Street.

WPA constructed rock school building.

The WPA also constructed this nice high school building.

Veteran’s Memorial on the high school lawn.

School mascot also on the school lawn.

The WPA was busy in Groveton. They built this gymnasium also.

Our first view of Trinity County Courthouse.

We circled some blocks and could see the courthouse and WPA constructed jail off in the distance.

This time we head directly for the courthouse.  This is the backside.

We pass the post office.

We also passed the library. We thought from the rock front it might have been WPA also, but if it was there is no plaque.

Another view of the jail.

Groveton City Hall and Volunteer Fire Department.

After circling some more we approached the courthouse from the front.  Lovely columns.

They had rocking chairs on the porch so we took a short break.

Approaching the old jail which is still in use.

Not paying attention I nearly tripped over this marker in the grass.

I couldn’t find the WPA marker on the jail. Carol found it and pointed it out.

Another nice house.


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I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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4 Responses to Groveton, TX (Trinity County) – 5/27/2017

  1. Having wandered the country and seen so many buildings put up by the WPA, I can’t help but wonder how many there are, and remember what a debt of public gratitude we owe to the organization. Thanks for the reminder. –Curt

  2. walktx says:

    I particularly like looking for the Murals that were decorations in the post offices. I’ve seen quite a few here in Texas.

  3. BoobOnARock says:

    I love the first house! And is that a water moccasin?

  4. walktx says:

    Hi, no the snake is just a common rat snake. Not poisonous. Thanks for reading my blog.

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