Bronte, TX (Coke County ) – 02/03/2018

At long last we are walking another new county.  With the completion of this walk, it leaves me with 42 left.  Coke County is in the central portion of Texas.  Between I-10 and I-20, it is below the Texas panhandle.  Bronte is not the county seat of Coke County, Robert Lee is.  After the walk we will drive over and take pictures in Robert Lee.

Central Baptist Church

From 1858 to 1861, the Butterfield Overland Stageline provided passenger and mail service to Bronte.

We did a loop around the cemetery.

This is the older section with metal fences.

This is the newer section

Mural on vacant gas station painted by 2007 Bronte High School Art Class.

First United Methodist Church

First Baptist Church

The white bark of the Sycamore tree against the dark sky.

A field in town with sheep.  Concentrating on the Ram, I never even noticed the deer behind him until I was posting this picture.

The Bronte High School

The school mascot is a Longhorn.

Church of Christ

A look at the clouds overhead which have been sprinkling us with rain on and off during the walk.

Bronte Veterans Memorial

The Kansas City, Mexico and Orient Railway was completed through the area in 1907 . This depot built about 1911. It is now a Masonic Lodge.

Mural with a message painted by the 2009 Bronte High School Art Class.

The old movie theater is now a Cowboy Church.

Fountain in a small park is turned off for the winter.

Carol and an edge of the Fort Chadbourne mural.

Cigar Store Indian Mural – painted 2017.

Robert Lee, TX

County Courtouse built in 1956 is (in my opinion) ugly.

Methodist Church

Memorial Garden

1907 Coke County jail is now a museum.


About walktx

I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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3 Responses to Bronte, TX (Coke County ) – 02/03/2018

  1. Gypsy Bev says:

    Glad to see you out and about again. Especially liked all the murals.

  2. walktx says:

    Yes a new years brings new county opportunities. Will be doing another one this coming Saturday.

  3. Bronte is in between my Texas travels to the north, south, east and west. So, thanks for taking me there Tex. It may not be Smallville, but… 🙂 –Curt

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