Ballinger, TX (Runnels County ) – 3/23/2018

Ballinger is the county seat for Runnels County.  It sits at the crossroads of  US Hwy 67 and US Hwy 83.  The closest big town is San Angelo.  We found many wonderful things from WPA era buildings to brand new murals.

Smithsonian Art Inventory Sculpture – Memorial to Charles Noyes (1895 – 1917).

Pioneer Park with a pedestal clock, small fountain and gazebo.

The design, with octagonal twin towers, was unusual for depots of that era. The Abilene & Southern Railroad stopped passenger service in 1941 and freight service in 1966.

Mural on the side of the Senior Center.

Huge cactus with stickers removed.

Sheriff’s office built by National Youth Administration 

Plaque on the building.

Old Runnels County Jail sitting vacant on the courthouse lawn.

Olde Park Hotel claims to be haunted by a former owner and some children.

Courthouse gazebo.

Runnels County Courthouse was a Second Empire Style built with locally quarried stone.  Remodeling in 1941 removed the wood framed roof and central cupola and replaced them with a flat, steel roof.

1936 Texas Centennial County Marker

Ghost mural – We the People of Ballinger Guarantee the best of ? Texas.

War Memorial with long list of Runnel county residence who served their country in time of war.

Neon signs for the Texas Grill.  We came back to eat lunch here after we finished our walk. It was good food.

(Former) Farmers & Merchants State Bank is a lovely brick building with a corner entry below a tower.

Originally opened as the Princess Theater in 1915. Now it is a restaurant.

Santa Fe Railroad Depot circa 1911. In 1983 it became Ballinger’s City Hall.

Murals on the side of an antique store. 

Old gas station built in the Spanish style.  Now vacant.

Victorian house.

Yellow iris

Another Victorian house.

St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church built in 1910.

This Victorian has a lovely round gazebo at the end of the porch.

Abandoned school

1st Christian Church – Disciples of Christ is a lovely rock church with tower.

1st Presbyterian Church circa 1891.

Out of 34 Carnegie Libraries built in Texas this is one of five still operating as a public library.

Nice mural on the side of a garage.

Purple iris

Lovely tower on this Baptist Church.

Abandoned Methodist Church.

This is around the block from the abandoned school.  School yard entrance.

Giescke – Sykes Home – A classic “revival style” structure built in 1910 by rancher/banker Herman Giescke.

Grace Fellowship Church.

Lovely Wisteria – the bees were busy here.

Another abandoned Methodist Church.

Van Pelt House – Queen Anne built in 1901.

(Former) City Hall – erected 1930. Currently it houses the Fire Department and the Municipal Court.

The new two panel mural depicting scenes from Ballinger and Runnels County was completed Oct. 2017.

The historic post office building was constructed from 1937-8 with federal Treasury Department funds.


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I am an avid Volksmarcher. I belong to Texas County Walkers in Mesquite.
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3 Responses to Ballinger, TX (Runnels County ) – 3/23/2018

  1. Marie Rogers says:

    I love all those old houses.

  2. Love the way your guys are walking your way through Texas. Such a neat idea. –Curt

  3. Gypsy Bev says:

    I love taking a walk through your pictures even the second time around. That wisteria really caught my eye this time.

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