Menard, TX (Menard County ) – 3/31/2018

Menard is the county seat of Menard County.  The town was originally known as Menardville when it was formed in 1858. The county wasn’t organized until 1871.  The railroad arrived in 1911 and asked the town to drop the “ville” from its name to make sign painting easier.

This Christian church built in 1904 has been vacant since the 1970s.

This old home is now a B&B

Vintage gas station.

Archway entrance to American Legion Park.

Great Western Trail marker and associated historical sign. This trail lasted more years, carried more cattle, and was longer than any other cattle trail originating in Texas.

Art Deco Courthouse built in 1932, designed by E.G. Withers.

First United Methodist Church – 1961.

TEXAS CIVIL WAR FRONTIER DEFENSE – Texas had 2000 miles of coastline and frontier to defend from Union attack, Indian raids, and marauders.  Defense lines were set to give maximum protection with the few men left in the state.

Irrigation for 2,000 acres of valley land and power for grist mills are furnished by gravity flow from San Saba River. Use of “The Ditch,” running from 5 miles above town to 5 below, began in 1876.

Multi-War Memorial in honor of citizens of Menard County who died in combat.

Black butterfly in the upper right corner wouldn’t cooperate for a good picture,

Metal building houses the Church of Christ.

Menard school and gymnasium built in 1940 by the WPA has a new entrance and a new metal roof.

Attractive Victorian home built in 1906 by Fritz Luckenbach.

Mears House – 1906 – has an  unusual corner entry with hexagon dome.

Toepperwein House – circa 1890.  Lovely Queen Anne.

Dog grooming service has a cute sign.

The 1899 Gothic Revival Church features native stone and lancet windows.

1915 Sinclair Gas Station is now a private residence.

Mural is on the wall next to the pretty little Sinclair Station.

Mission style theater, cream with green trim, built in 1927. Closed in 1953.

Presidio De San Saba Mural – first panel

Presidio De San Saba Mural – second panel

We visited the Presidio before doing this 5K. I believe it is part of the 10K route. If you’d like to see the Presidio pictures click on the link.

Former bank building is now the Menard City Hall.

Calvary Episcopal Church

Grace Lutheran Church – 1959.

First Baptist Church – 1950.


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1 Response to Menard, TX (Menard County ) – 3/31/2018

  1. Gypsy Bev says:

    Interesting small town with some beautiful old buildings. I especially like those made of stone.

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