Walking Texas

Updated 2/12/2020

My goal is to collect an stamp in my Event Book for a  Volksmarch (official AVA sanctioned walk) in all 254 counties of Texas.  I have been Volksmarching since 1993.  I have 25 counties left at this time to complete my goal.  Here is a map of the counties I’ve walked to date. http://lets.walktx.org

There are two kinds of AVA events.   The regular events are one or two day events with volunteers manning a start table and with checkpoints, etc.  Then there are YRE/Seasonal Events that can be done for an extended period of time.  YRE are all year long.  Seasonal would be for a number of months. YRE and Seasonal events start at a place of business and you just go into the location and request the walk box.  You register on your own, take a set of directions/map and complete the event.

I won’t bore you by going back over all the counties I’ve walked in.  I thought I’d just start with the ones I’ve done since I started this blog.

102 Responses to Walking Texas

  1. What you are doing is awesome! I wish you well on your goal —> journey to complete your stamp colletion of every county in the Vast, Wide, state of texas.

  2. Texas Susan says:

    That’s an admirable goal and a great way to see this great state. Good luck!

  3. babu says:

    This is an amazing idea. I wish I’d seen more of Texas when I visited there – and I hope to do so vicariously through your blog!

  4. What an admirable goal… I rode my bicycle across Texas once. It’s a big state. (grin)

  5. Andrew says:

    Best of luck in finishing those final 108 counties.

  6. Pat Bean says:

    What a great goal. Congratulations.

  7. Julie Mundy says:

    Wow I knew Texas was BIG when I drove through it a few year ago while visiting teh States, but I had no idea there were so many counties. What a great challenge you have set yourself. Julie

  8. Terri DeVore says:

    Awesome goal! Texas is so big you have a great challenge! What a great thing to be able to say you have done when you have completed it!!

  9. What an excellent project! Even better it is in Texas!

  10. Gimpwalker says:

    Very cool! I hope that some of the time you are Waltzing Across Texas!

  11. bikermonkey says:

    This is very cool! I have never heard of such a thing. Can’t wait to see your progress!! Thanks for “liking” BikerMonkeyBlog!!

  12. walktx says:

    The only time I’m not walking an event, I’m attending a trike in. I like motorcycles but I prefer the ones with 3 wheels. LOL

  13. crosbyman66 says:

    That’s quite a challenge. Texas is such a big state. Makes the UK seem small by comparison. My next goal is to climb all the Wainwrights in the Lake District.

  14. walktx says:

    Look forward to reading about it.

  15. glennweissel says:

    That’s an awesome and inspiring goal! I lived in Del Rio, TX which is the county seat in Val Verde county, located on the border of Mexico. Stop in and have a tequila while you’re there!

  16. walktx says:

    Thanks for the kind offer. No walks scheduled for that county at this time.

  17. BeingMama says:

    Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. I thought I’d see what you’re doing. I’m amazed – how ambitious! I’ve traveled to 46 states (my husband and I have a little competition over this) but haven’t walked through every county in a state, particularly a state as big as Texas! Good luck to you. – Kat

  18. walktx says:

    I am also trying to do an event in each of the 50 states. I’ve got 6 to go. Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Rhode Island. What states are you missing?

  19. BeingMama says:

    You could do most of those in one road trip! 🙂 I still need Hawaii, Alaska, Montana and Louisiana. Pretty far away from each other! My husband has only three left but has Hawaii already, which will be hard for me to make up. I did a three month road trip after college (eons ago) and have lived on both coasts. I love driving across the country. Did you do yours via road trips?

  20. harpersfarm says:

    What an amazing goal! Best of luck to you as you complete your challenge.

  21. Marcia Stehouwer says:

    Volksmarching is such fun – I’ve done walks in Ontario and in England. It helps you to have different adventures off the beaten path. Have you tried geocaching on your walks? I think I’m going to check that out now!

  22. walktx says:

    I haven’t done Geocaching, but on our recent walk at Possum Kingdom Lake a man and his daughter was geocaching as well as volksmarching and they found six caches.

  23. Very cool goal! Best of luck.

  24. Cachemaniacs says:

    Hi Tex…Thanks for the likes you sent our way. I’ll have to check out this Volksmarching thing. Good luck on your Texas mission. Dan

  25. Good luck with your quest.

  26. How ambitious! Good for you! … And thanks for stopping by my blog “Eyes to Heart.” I appreciate your feedback on “Sugar Loaf Mountain …” … Be well and enjoy your journey through Texas! … Dorothy 🙂

  27. dianabletter says:

    What you’re doing is wonderful. It’s great to have goals in our lives. Did you ever hear of the Peace Pilgrim? She walked more than 25,000 on a personal pilgrimage for peace. You can read about her here: http://peacepilgrim.org/. And all I did was ride my motorcycle from New York to Alaska! Reading about your adventure makes me feel so…so…lazy!
    Diana Bletter
    Author of the forthcoming memoir The Mom Who Took Off On Her Motorcycle

  28. walktx says:

    Riding a motorcycle that distance sounds like a great challenge to me. Having been in a motorcycle accident many years ago, I cringe at the thought of getting on one. I hope your book takes off and you sell lots of copies.

  29. ohiocook says:

    Thank you for reading and the “Like” of my post.

  30. Sound really cool! Thanks for the Like!

  31. Thanks for you “like” of my recent post. Awesome to read about your walking project – good luck with it!

  32. thanks for the “like” the picture is stunning. what an amazing goal – one of those goals where it really is about the journey.

  33. Mary says:

    Thanks for the ‘like’ – I hadn’t realised that Texas had so may counties. I lived in Alaska for seven years and it was said that it’s two and half times the size of Texas so that somehow made Texas seem smaller in my eyes. Here in Hungary there are similar walks with a passport – not sure it’s VM though…

  34. walktx says:

    Hi thanks for stopping by. Hope you get a chance to do some Volksmarching.

  35. What a fantastic goal! Texas has such a diverse landscape; you’ll see some incredible sights!

  36. brickthomas says:

    Very cool idea and nice blog and pictures. Good luck on your adventures.


  37. Wow! Very cool! If you are in McKinney, Collin County, contact me, I’ll buy you lunch and chat.

  38. ncfjj says:

    Very cool. I’ve volksmarched in Germany, France, and Belgium. I’ve never done it state side though, just the usual hiking here and there.

  39. walktx says:

    If you are interested in finding out if there is a club and events near you go to http://www.AVA.org and follow the links.

    Happy walking!

  40. brickthomas says:

    Thanks for for checking out my blog and sharing your adventures. Happy travels.

  41. Thank you for stopping by. Best. Be safe. I’m sure you look where you step.

  42. I’ve never heard of Volksmarching before, but it is a neat concept and we love to hike (as you could probably tell when you visited our blog). Good luck with your journey and goal!

  43. walktx says:

    If you are interested in finding events near you go to http://www.ava.org. It would be fun to start your own stamp collection!

  44. I think this is very cool. This is the type of thing I hope to do when I’m retired someday. I’ve thought about walking across Ohio, or along the Mississippi, or something, but just don’t have the time. But it’s on my bucket list. SOMEDAY I’m going to do this, too! You’ve inspired me.

  45. Bill Blake says:

    R you still walking Texas? Very cool!
    Good Luck!
    ps. thanks for stopping at my Blog.
    Hope u enjoy it.

  46. Opalla says:

    Thanks for following my Blog and I have done the same with yours. Yours Texas counties walks sound similar to my End-to-End on the Bruce Trail in Ontario. Certainly we share some common interest. Nice meeting you on Blog Sphere! You may be interested in this post:
    http://opallaontrails.wordpress.com/2012/11/17/from-grimsby-to-dundas-end-to-end-with-the-bruce-trail-iroquoia-club-day-4/ 🙂

  47. What a great thing to do and what an adventure. Since I discovered your site, I’ll come back to read more about your walks. Just wondering if you have thought about putting this into a book. The one that comes to mind is one of my favorites, especially since the person who walked it stayed in the town that I grew up in North Carolina. The book is written by Peter Jenkins, “A Walk Across America”. Here’s a link to it on Amazon:http://www.amazon.com/Walk-Across-America-Peter-Jenkins/dp/006095955X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1365170861&sr=1-1&keywords=peter+jenkins

  48. Midwestern Plant Girl says:

    What a great goal, I wish you the best in reaching it! Thanks for also introducing me to Volksmarching! My husband and I like to geocache, and like volksmarching stamps, we ‘log finds’, so I totally understand fun goals to make life awesome. I will follow you on your endeavor!

  49. We were in the Chisos Mountains in February. Never knew they had terrain like that in Texas. Thanks for the likes you send our way.

  50. Patrice says:

    I love what you are doing – how fun! Look forward to reading more about it. Thanks for “Liking” my Wishful Thinking Works post – you are proof it does. Thanks for sharing!

  51. Jerry says:

    Safe and rewarding travels to you. Thanks for looking at my blog.

  52. amoyer2013 says:

    I have hiked many of the state parks in Texas. Texas very diverse and there are a ton of things to see. Enjoy the sites! Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading.

  53. Thanks for liking my blog “Peaceful”. On your walks through the counties of Texas, I’ll bet you have seen many peaceful places. What an interesting activity you are doing, and I look forward to reading your posts about it.

  54. zellabea says:

    Thank you for liking my Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting – especially because it brought me here to your site! I know too little about Texas. I know it is a great (and great big) state. We had a memorable trip to Big Bend National Park on a xc trip many years ago. Hot springs by the Rio Grande and the javelinas. The evocative, spare landscape. I have also been to the big cities for business. I look forward to seeing more here. I have recently started a campaign to visit all 410 parks in my city. Safe trails to you.

  55. Marie Rogers says:

    Very impressive! I was in Shackelford County a few months ago and I found the terrain beautiful and the people friendly.

  56. It is amazing how simply walking can be one of the most inspiring, changing, and rewarding experiences life has to offer. I wish you well on your journey! I prefer walking the coastlines of the world, the extremity of weather in Texas might detour myself from doing what you are doing, and so I apllaud you!

  57. Thanks for liking my post and even bigger thanks for introducing me to Volksmarching. I’d never heard of it until just now. I love what you are doing. I am trying to visit every state park in Texas. Fourteen down so far. Happy walking! 🙂

  58. Hi Thanks for stopping by http://ja2da.com – I very seldom walk more than a couple of miles from home – so I don’t know whether you’re amazing or crazy!
    Good Luck! There’s nothing nicer than finishing something that looked impossible when you set out to do it.

  59. That is so cool ! I am a fulltime rv’er…..for many years and you have seen much more of Texas walking than I have driven ! Keep on with your dream it is awesome!!

  60. finnhoward says:

    Wow! This is really neat. Texas is a huge state, obviously this you know. I wonder if other states do something similar? Best of luck to you!

  61. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my Cadillac Ranch post! I love what you are doing! I am a Texan through and through, so I love that you are seeing our great state in such magnificent way! I look forward to hearing more about your adventures!

  62. John Laninga says:

    Good luck, that is a admirable goal.

  63. Angela says:

    Hi there. I wanted to update you on my attempt to connect with the Volksmarching chapter in Nashville. It turns out that there is only one “true” member, and she is the contact person. She organizes two walks each month (think it is per month) for those who want to join her. Basically, she nicely told me I need to get into good shape before I try the walks as they are challenging. I’m working on getting into shape. Maybe by then there will be a true chapter operating here. 🙂

  64. walktx says:

    What a shame. That attitude is what is causing the downfall of Volksporting in America. If you are not afraid to walk alone go to the walk start, get a set of directions out of the box and walk the route on your own at your own pace – stopping to rest whenever you want. http://www.ava.org/gen3/data/event_details.asp?eventid=95091

  65. Thanks for the like of my Trail to the River blog. Know about the Florida Trail Assoc. but didn’t know about Volksmarching till I looked at your blog. Thanks for the info and good walking.

  66. Great blog. I hope you reach your goal!

  67. Awesome!! I admire your dedication… and what a great project… good luck with those you still have to do… and thank you for liking my post too!

  68. pjoy93 says:

    Thanks for the “like.” Our family is doing something similar: geocaching in every county of Virginia. It has been an amazing journey to sites in our state I hadn’t known existed, and we’re developing an appreciation for Virginia’s history. Stay adventurous!

  69. Thank you so much for liking ‘Being Stalked by Robin … ‘ on my blog … and good luck with your epic journey!

  70. awax1217 says:

    We loved Texas, went from the Alamo, The River Ride to Senora Caverns. Great state and great people.

  71. Thanks for stopping by and reading my post, Living in New Zealand I can grasp just how big Texas is, but what an amazing challenge, good on you. I have never heard of Volkswalking will have to google and see if it is active in NZ. All the best.

  72. walktx says:

    NZ Int. Two Day Walk Club
    c/o Roger McElroy
    Rotary Club of Rotorua West
    29 Pegasus Drive
    P.O. Box 1120

    Tel: +64 7 347-6542
    Fax: +64 7 348-9255
    Email: info@nztwodaywalk.org.nz
    Email: APR@apr.co.nz
    Email: mcelroys@xtra.co.nz
    Website: http://www.nztwodaywalk.org.nz

  73. Wow! That is so fabulous. Best of luck

  74. icelandpenny says:

    Thanks to your Like on my “March the Trickster” post (and thank you for that), I’ve now discovered the Volksmarching movement, including its activities here in Canada. I really admire what you’re doing. Good health & good adventures to you!

  75. walktx says:

    Hope the Canadian Volksmarching Federation has some nice events in your area!

  76. I was just telling my in-laws about your goal to walk in every county. I think it’s something they might enjoy as well …. maybe not every county … but in general. 🙂

  77. walktx says:

    If they are near Waco and want to give volksmarching a try they can. The start point is at the Waco Hilton, 113 South University Parks Drive. From I-35 take exit 335B. Turn west on University Parks Drive for approximately one-half mile to the Hilton. Please use the parking lot at the corner of Franklin Ave and University Parks Drive (just across the street from the Hilton). The start/finish is self-service. The registration box is kept behind the hotel desk. Please wait until the desk clerk has taken care of the hotel guests before asking for the box.

    Please complete the registration form and sign the waiver. Take a start card and directions for the walk. Drive on over to the Waco Visitor’s Center (next to Texas Ranger Hall of Fame) and follow the directions. Please time your walk so as to finish before dark. Take a pencil with you and mark your start card with the answers to the checkpoint question. Place your start cards in one of the envelopes provided and drop it in the mail.

    Thank you for walking with us. We hope you enjoyed the walk. If you want information on how to get an Event book and track you walks go to http://www.ava.org

  78. Thanks. I’ll pass the info along. They are in Houston but maybe they’re up for a road trip.

  79. walktx says:

    There are several walks to choose from in Houston. I won’t list them all but you can go to http://www.ava.org/gen3/data/year_round_events_listings.asp?StShortName=TX and the cities where events are located are listed in order. Would enjoy hearing about their adventures if they try one. Do they blog???

  80. No they just recently upgraded from dial up internet so blogging isn’t in the cards just yet. I’ll keep you updated though.

  81. treerabold says:

    I looked into Volksmarch several years ago. I am a distance walker (I do the 3 Day walk 60 miles every year).
    I’m glad to find your page as a reminder….always looking for places to walk!
    Good luck on your goal!

  82. cristinaballi says:


  83. simplelivingover50 says:

    Outstanding life long goal. I would be interested in reading about your choices in walking shoes.

  84. walktx says:

    When I started out I was a confirmed wearing of SAS (San Antonio Shoes) as they were the sponsor of our American Volkssporting Association (AVA). When they ended our partnership the AVA got New Balance as a sponsor and I moved over to there shoes. I chose a cross trainer. The ones I’m wearing right now are 623 but I think they have discontinued those. I will have to make a new choice when it is time to replace these. The AVA lost all shoe sponsors so I have no motive to continue with New Balance.

  85. simplelivingover50 says:

    Cool. I wear New Balance, but eat through them so quickly and all my walking right now has been on a treadmill. I will look forward to your future posts.

  86. TeamGoodrich says:

    I love the goal! We wish you the best of luck on your journey!! Thank you for liking our post on our blog, TeamGoodrich!

    Thanks and keep walking!!

  87. bdsbrown1 says:

    What a wonderful goal! Being a misplaced Texan, I will enjoy your adventures.

  88. This is so fantastic! I’m excited for you and I’m looking forward to following your journey. Texas is such a great place– and HUGE! Maybe the Crazy Train will blow into a town where you’re walking sometime. We’ll have to keep an eye out for you!

  89. walktx says:

    I still need the Knox County so I found your article on Benjamin interesting. I look forward to following your travels also.

  90. Benjamin was an interesting little place. There’s not much there, but yhe vault is fascinating and jail turned into a private residence is pretty awesome too. I sent the Knox County Chamber an email asking about the vault, so hopefully they’ll answer. Crowell is really close to Benjamin– we stumbled upon an amazing little mom and pop pizza place called Sweet T’s that has the most amazing homade pizza crust. We were NOT expecting that at all! Give it a try when you’re up there!

  91. dalesman9 says:

    Texas is obviously a far bigger place than I ever imagined. Good luck with the rest of your walking.

  92. fallcorn1936 says:

    What a way to see the state.I’m afraid my exploits are limited to local and State trails none much longer than 15 miles. Thanks for stopping by.

  93. I rode my bicycle across Texas. Does that count? Thanks for following. As I recall, we crossed paths earlier. Curt

  94. Nadia says:

    You obviously do much more than walk as you’re walking. Your photos are beautiful. Thank you for finding my site and liking “Nature Wins”.
    The wildflowers in Texas are gorgeous. I hope you walk through fields of them.

  95. walktx says:

    I do see some lovely wildflowers.

  96. wannahike says:

    This is so cool. What a great way to gain an appreciation of the state. I am really excited for you and enjoy reading your posts.

  97. Sandra P. says:

    Hi Walktx
    thanks for visiting my blog- I will be spending a bit of time reading and enjoying yours and learning about Volkssporting – you take great pics! Wishing you continued success in reaching your goal!

  98. Awesome. Good walking/hiking!

  99. stephen*z says:

    Walk tx.
    thanks for stopping by my blog, so I decided to come on over and see what you were doing. OMG what a fun thing to be involved in. lots of luck to you as you continue your walk of fame!

  100. Gypsy Bev says:

    Looks like fun. I did that once with the 50 states but you are covering a large state and doing it so well. Keep up walking and sharing your pictures with us.

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